Chapter 1: Looming

by Buxton Brown

Call me Ishmael. Probably one of the most famous lines in modern literature. I also like Cogito Ergo Sum.

Ishmael. Got it. So what’s up? Ishmael has got it in his head he needs to go to sea. He’s hanging out in Manhattan, which he calls Manhattoes, and waxing philosophical about the need to get out there before he wraps his lips around the business end of a Smith and Wesson. He doesn’t actually threaten suicide really, but he sorta does so now we know he’s maybe a little critical of himself.

I’m pretty sure this book touches on madness. This bodes well for some hot action. And by that I mean disagreements of the strongest sort… the kind that end in fisticuffs or disembowelment.

La de da, away I go to the sea for some adventuring and a little existential recalibration, cause if I don’t I’m going to push the nearest child in front of a bus. Gotcha. Peace New York, Ishmael is outie…

See you in New Bedford?

p.s. There are a lot of chapters. And this dude Melville talks a blue streak about all sorts of nonsense. Smart dude, I get it. But we are trying to get through this together. You, me, and Hermano Melville. And because you are oh so busy, I will deliver only the juiciest gossip. And by that I mean stuff that interests me or moves this train forward. I’m also going to continue these post scripts in italics because italics are like whispering. This isn’t really content… shhhhhh….