Chapter 18- His Mark

by Buxton Brown

Here are some killer words that showed up in today’s lecture, also known as Chapter 18, His Mark. If you are a taxpaying citizen of the upper crusty caste, taste and decency, you will attempt to familiarize yourself with these words, add them to your lexicon and henceforth dole out linguistic punishment so that that peasantry of heart and mind quiver at the sonorous boom of your eloquent and confident word. Without further ado.

Skylarking- Originally a nautical term for a jokester, as in one who might play in the upper rigging with careless abandon, like a bird. Or a lark. Sounds to me like a character from StarFox or something. Skylark!

Philistine– I only sort of knew how to apply this word appropriately, so I rarely ever did. But god bless Wikipedia. Donate. Seriously.

Obstinate – Just imagine some salty old degenerate is standing in the middle of the road, drunk, and screaming, tattered pants secured only by a shoelace belt, and you can’t drive around them. You say, “Excuse me. Can you please move for I cannot pass and I don’t wish to harm you,” to which you hear the reply, “F-F-F-Fuck you!” to which you reply, “You, sir, are being obstinate!” to which you hear, “F-F-F-Fuck you.” Which only proves your point. Or imagine Bill O’Reilly opening that gaping abyss of ignorance he calls a mouth and doing what we call “talking.”

Appellative- It means title, more or less. I dare you to use that in a sentence without sounding like an asshole. You know the type, the narcissist who casually overuses words in conversation like “milieu” and “loquacious.”

Heterogeneously- Not homogenous by definition.

“Pious harpooners never make good voyagers- it takes the shark out of ‘em.” So says Captain Peleg after witnessing Queequeg demonstrate his harpoon mastery. Queequeg is now gainfully employed aboard the Pequod, with a considerably handsome pay rate. Next.