mission of the whale

In 2007 I  completed my degree in journalism. I stopped writing for a long time because it was not my job and no one was giving me assignments. So I decided to give myself an assignment. I am reading Moby-Dick for the first time and giving you, dear reader, the play-by-play of my experience. One chapter at a time. I expect this to take a very long time. Considering that the posts aren’t always in synch with where I am in the book, I am basically reading Moby-Dick twice.

I may be crass at times. I will most certainly be wrong about a many number of things. I will misread and misinterpret more than I’d like. This is one of the most celebrated and dissected novels in the English language, so I will falter often in the eyes of the informed. But to be right is not the point though. The point is to get through this thing alive, without resentment for the 500 pages that still stand before me. And to complete what I have set out to do. Which is write something on every one of the 135 chapters of this epic volume.

I try to litter each post with a few easter eggs, so follow the hot links. They are little jokes just for you. When it is not crass, my hope is that it will be insightful. If that fails, you can at least be assured that I am being genuine. Above all else I hope you are entertained in some way. Enjoy!